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What is Blue Light?


The light we can see is called visible light .

Visible light is made up of the colors of the rainbow .




Blue light has a wavelength range of approximately 400 to 500 nm.

Blue light emits high energy from screen devices and light bulbs, and is the most common ray of light in our daily lives.



The biggest problem with the modern lifestyle is ,

It is excessive exposure to artificial light, fluorescent lights, and artificial blue light emitted from computers and cell phones.


It inhibits the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin, which has a detrimental effect on sleep.



So, is blue light just bad for you?


Blue light actually has many very important health benefits.


The blue light of natural light received from sunlight sets the circadian rhythm, which is the biological clock,


By stimulating the secretion of cortisol, it promotes arousal and a harmful response to stress.


It also serves to increase productivity and concentration.




But why is blue light said to be harmful?


If we are frequently exposed to artificial light,

Especially in the evening when the sun has gone down, the artificial blue light tricks the brain into signaling that it's still day.


Blue light at night suppresses melatonin.

Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant.

Among other things, it plays the most important role in deep sleep , relieving inflammation , boosting immunity and recovering after strenuous exercise .


However, artificial blue light at night suppresses melatonin secretion,

This leads to insomnia, chronic fatigue, reduced immunity, and more!



Blue light late at night can be very harmful to the body in many ways.


Long-term and short-term effects of unprotected exposure to artificial blue light


short term


long term


Receive an appropriate amount of blue light from sunlight during the day,

By setting the circadian rhythm, the biological clock, in a correct way, it provides a biological virtuous cycle to the body.




At night, through Lucid Eyes Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blocking artificial blue light to maintain circadian rhythm and deep sleep can be the most important lifestyle habits for a healthy life.



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