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Lucid Eyes Day Lenses

Yellow day lenses block 95% of the most harmful range of artificial blue light , preventing chronic eye fatigue, blurred vision, retinal damage, etc. and providing deep comfort to your eyes.


Day lenses block 95% of visible blue light in the 400nm to 495nm range.

Blocking range of commercially available transparent blue light glasses:
Transparent blue light glasses can only block 10% to 20% of blue light due to the nature of the lens color!

Lucid Eyes Day Lens Blocking Range:
Day lenses block 95% of the entire spectrum of blue light through special feature lenses.


If the naked eye is exposed to artificial blue light for a long time ,

Macular disease , chronic Eye fatigue , depression etc. various chronic due to disease It continues .

Day lens blocking performance test video:

Suitable Wearing Method

  • When indoors during the day
  • When using a computer/cell phone
  • When driving at night
  • When you feel tired in your eyes

By wearing it indoors day or night, you can effectively protect your eyesight and feel deep comfort on your eyes.


Completely protect your eyes from harmful artificial light from electronic devices!




Maximum color recognition technology


Lucid Eyes' exclusive lens technology provides your eyes with maximum color perception.


The pigment built into the lens is made by injecting natural melanin pigment to block 100% of blue light wavelengths, but allows all other colors to be clearly distinguished.



This technology is unique to Lucid Eyes lenses, and they are the most effective blue light blocking glasses that do not reduce true color perception.


No other clear blue light blocking glasses on the market come close to this level of clarity and protection!


Experience the effects of true blue light blocking glasses with Lucid Eyes Day Lenses!


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