Lucid Eyes

Yellow day lenses block 95% of the most harmful range of artificial blue light , preventing chronic eye fatigue, poor eyesight, retinal damage, and more, providing profound comfort to your eyes.


Day lenses block 95% of visible blue light in the range of 400nm to 495nm .


Prolonged exposure to artificial blue light with the naked eye

macular degeneration , chronic eye strain , depression etc. various chronic with disease follows .


The red night lenses completely block 100% of artificial blue and green lights that have been scientifically proven to interfere with deep sleep and circadian rhythm at night.


night lenses for visible light 100% blocking from 400nm to 550nm .


As we learned in Blue Light and Circadian Rhythm, artificial light from cell phones/computers/fluorescent lights at night suppresses the secretion of sleep hormones.


Lucid Eyes Night Lenses block 100% of the full range of artificial light that suppresses sleep hormones!



contextual usage


Day lens (yellow)

Morning Afternoon – Best for use when you are indoors during the day, using a computer/cell phone, or feeling eye strain!




Night Lens (Orange)

After the sun goes down – at night, right before bedtime, it is appropriate to wear glasses. It is recommended to wear it when using a computer/smartphone at night or under bright fluorescent lights.

You can get away from chronic fatigue through steady wearing!




Max Color Recognition Technology


Lucid Eyes' proprietary lens technology provides your eyes with maximum color perception.


The pigment built into the lens blocks 100% of blue light wavelengths through the injection of natural melanin pigment, but is made so that all other colors can be clearly distinguished.



This technology is unique to Lucid Eyes lenses and is the most effective blue light blocking glasses that do not reduce true color discrimination perception.


No other clear blue light blocking glasses on the market can match this level of clarity and protection!


The effect of true blue light blocking glasses through Lucid Eyes Day lenses,

Experience deep sleep and comfort through night lenses!

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