Lucid Eyes

• We offer free shipping and free returns when ordering from our online official store.
• Deliver items ordered today by business day Get it in 1-3 days.
Order status inquiry
• You can check the progress of your order at [Member Information] > [Orders] on the official website.
• Order history for which payment has not been completed Automatically canceled after 3 days.
Delivery Status
When payment is completed, based on weekdays You will receive an invoice number via text message within 24 hours. The invoice number you received is the afternoon of the same day Delivery inquiry is possible after 7:00 .
In the case of a large number of orders, product shipment may be delayed. We will do our best to prepare for prompt shipment of goods.
Delivery country and turnaround time
Lucid Eyes can be shipped worldwide.
• Average for domestic shipments It takes 1–3 days. However, there may be some differences depending on the circumstances of the local transportation company. (Excluding Jeju Island)
(Shipping Company: Post Office)
change shipping address
Please use the consultation channel at the bottom right of the homepage . However, it is difficult to change if the product has already been shipped.