our story

The two co-CEOs of Lucid Eyes have always pursued the best condition and health while playing soccer at home and abroad for 15 years.

After countless trials and errors, I learned about the power of sunlight and the importance of circadian rhythm , and that being with nature was the only way to regain optimal health and performance.

In a modern lifestyle where artificial light constantly disrupts circadian rhythms, how can we effectively and realistically create a light environment that has the greatest impact on our biological clock? As a solution to this concern, we developed Circadian Rhythm protective glasses.

We established a brand called Lucid Eyes to solve the root cause of all diseases with Circadian Rhythm protective glasses, which were not available in Korea, and to help promising athletes who were once like us reduce trial and error and achieve optimal performance.

Lucid Eyes , through specialized glasses,

It helps many modern people regain the lost circadian rhythm and provides quality sleep like never before.

We focus on bringing about real change by focusing on the root cause rather than the problem at hand.

Above all, the people who work with us recognize the false accusations of sunlight,
We will strive to free ourselves from the vague fear of being with nature and achieve greater productivity and influence in areas of our lives.

There is a saying that knowledge comes from books and wisdom comes from nature .
Lucid Eyes is for those suffering from various modern diseases and health problems.
We provide true solutions with products backed by logical evidence and first-hand information and wisdom.

Lucid Eyes, which launched Korea's first circadian rhythm protective glasses, will do its best to help you live a healthy life.