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What is Circadian Rhythm?

The circadian rhythm, a biological clock, refers to all the changes that occur periodically in our body in line with the change of day and night in a 24-hour cycle.



Circadian rhythms are important because they are responsible for producing serotonin, dopamine, growth hormone, testosterone, and other hormones essential to your health.


Among other things, the circadian rhythm controls the cycle and depth of sleep.



According to the body clock, the sympathetic nerve is activated during the day to keep you awake, and the parasympathetic nerve is activated in the evening to help you fall asleep.


In other words, to live a healthy life, it is most important to be able to sleep deeply through regular patterns.




Blue light is the biggest factor that adversely affects circadian rhythm!



Blue light, which is a high-energy wavelength at night, suppresses the secretion of the sleep hormone (melatonin), sends a signal to the brain that it is still daytime, and sends a signal to the body that it needs to be awake.


This leads to insomnia, poor sleep quality, sleep cycle disturbances, and is ultimately the root cause of all diseases!



So, how can circadian rhythm be improved?

It's important to signal to your body that it's morning by going outside right after waking up and starting the day with sunlight.



Spend as much time as possible in natural light during the day ,


Stay as dark as possible at night and stay away from harmful blue light.


You should make spending time outdoors a priority, but

For the unavoidable , you need Lucid Eyes Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses!



When should I wear which glasses?


AM/PM - Day lenses protect your eyes and body by blocking 95% of blue light emitted from indoor lighting.




Evening - You can enjoy a deep and comfortable sleep by blocking 100% of blue and green light through the night lens.



Day lenses are designed to block blue light emitted from the screen while allowing harmful colors to pass through.


Night lenses block the full spectrum of blue/green light that has been shown to have an adverse effect on sleep.



Now is the time to understand how much light affects the human body.


A healthy life begins with creating a light environment.


Set the circadian rhythm right with Lucid Eyes,

Experience deep sleep and a healthy life!


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National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)