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Lucid Eyes Night Lens

Red night lenses completely block 100% of artificial blue light and green light, which are scientifically proven to interfere with deep sleep and circadian rhythm at night.

Night lenses are visible light Provides 100% blocking in the 400nm to 550nm range.


As we learned in Blue Light and Circadian Rhythm , artificial light from cell phones/computers/fluorescent lights at night suppresses the secretion of sleep hormones.


Lucid Eyes Night Lenses block 100% of the entire spectrum of artificial light that suppresses sleep hormones!

Blocking range of commercially available transparent blue light glasses:
Transparent blue light glasses can only block 10% to 20% of blue light due to the nature of the lens color!

Lucid Eyes Night Lens Blocking Range:

Night lenses block 100% of the entire range of blue light and green light through special function lenses.

If you are unprotectedly exposed to excessive artificial light at night,
It inhibits melatonin secretion, which disrupts the secretion of hormones essential for growth and recovery, and this pattern repeats itself, leading to insomnia and chronic illness.

Night lens blocking performance test video:

How to use depending on the situation


It is appropriate to wear glasses after the sun sets – until just before bed at night. These glasses are worn when using a computer/smartphone at night or under bright fluorescent lights to protect your eyes and help improve sleep quality.


Night lenses are sleep glasses that block the full spectrum of artificial blue and green light.

Wear it 2 hours before going to bed to solve your insomnia without any side effects!

Maximum color recognition technology


Lucid Eyes' exclusive lens technology provides your eyes with maximum color perception.


The pigment built into the lens is made by injecting natural melanin pigment to block 100% of blue light wavelengths, but allows all other colors to be clearly distinguished.



This technology is unique to Lucid Eyes lenses, and they are the most effective blue light blocking glasses that do not reduce true color perception.


No other clear blue light blocking glasses on the market come close to this level of clarity and protection!


Experience deep sleep and comfort through the Night Lens!

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