Athlete's Essential Sleep Glasses

Injuries, slumps, and poor performance in athletes start with sleep.




As of 2022, more than 95% of athletes are unable to get deep sleep due to using electronic devices (smartphones, computers, etc.) late at night.




How do smart devices affect sleep?


The rationale is simple.


Our body distinguishes between day and night by light, secreting hormones that should be secreted during the day and hormones that should be secreted at night.


The most obvious difference is,

During the day, arousal hormone (cortisol) is secreted,

At night, we secrete sleep hormone (melatonin).


This timely hormone secretion and change is called circadian rhythm .

What is circadian rhythm?



However, if the circadian rhythm is disrupted by artificial light late at night,


The brain secretes wakefulness hormones that should be secreted during the day, and suppresses sleep hormones.


This suppresses regenerative hormones and growth hormones, suppresses the secretion of melatonin, which is essential for recovery, and disrupts deep sleep, which, when repeated, leads to injuries and poor physical condition.


However, in today's era, it is extremely impossible to live without using smartphones, TVs, and computers.




That's why Lucid Eyes developed Korea's first night lenses (sleep glasses).


Night lenses are designed to provide convenience for modern life while protecting your body from the harmful effects of artificial light on your health.



Night lenses block 100% of the harmful artificial light wavelengths that suppress sleep hormones.


Wearing night lenses about 2 o'clock before going to bed helps to smooth the secretion of sleep hormones and growth hormones, which is very helpful for regeneration, recovery, growth, and optimizing your condition and body condition.




Erling Haaland and a small number of athletes who understand the importance of sleep and the harmful effects of artificial light wear night contact lenses, and Erling Haaland's performance proves their effectiveness.


Experience deep sleep and optimal performance with Lucid Eyes sleep glasses!


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