the effect of sunlight

Sunlight is the source of all things.


Without sunlight, no life can exist in this world.



All living things, including healthy and vibrant humans, live with sunlight.


Cats and dogs understand instinctively and biologically that they need sunlight.



What is sunlight that plays the most essential role in our lives?


Many people are so obsessed with calories and carbohydrates (carbohydrates, fat, protein) and vitamin/mineral intake through nutritional supplements that they fail to see the essence of health.


However, sunlight provides natural nutritional benefits that cannot be obtained through consuming any other food!


Sunlight can be learned and understood from many different angles, but today we will find out why we humans need it and what benefits it has.


The wavelength of light that reaches the Earth from the Sun is approximately in the wavelength range of 250 nm to 3000 nm.



First, visible light from sunlight appears in rainbow colors.


Visible light refers to the color of light that can be seen by the eyes. 


In addition, invisible light (invisible light) also includes infrared and ultraviolet rays that have a key effect on the human body.


All colors (wavelengths) affect all life through different functions and effects.


Infrared (red light)

Infrared light, clearly visible at sunrise and sunset, has the following effects:


  • Helps produce EZ water
  • Has essential effects on mitochondrial function
  • relieves inflammation
  • Helps produce melatonin (sleep hormone)
  • Effective for skin regeneration
  • Increases injury recovery speed

(EZ water: Water that exists in cells and is used by millions of mitochondria, the power plants of cells.

(energy source required to produce energy)


Mitochondria are cells called the engine of the human body.

It is an essential cell that produces bioenergy (ATP).

The root of all diseases begins with a decline in mitochondrial function.




blue light

Unlike artificial blue light from cell phones/computers, blue light from sunlight plays an essential role in our health.


  • Correct the circadian rhythm
  • Promotes sex hormone secretion
  • produces dopamine
  • Increases concentration




As we learned in The Fraud of UV Rays , UV rays have very positive effects on the human body when received safely.


  • lowers blood pressure
  • produces serotonin
  • Makes melatonin
  • relieves pain


ultraviolet ray B

  • Makes Vitamin D
  • prevent cancer
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Creates electrons
  • Increases stamina


This is a summary of only a few of the countless effects of sunlight.




Artificial light lacks all of the wavelength ranges mentioned.


Additionally, receiving fine-grained light wavelengths actually causes negative effects.


In nature, everything works in a holistic way.


In natural light, blue light always shines in harmony with infrared light (red light).

Infrared rays always work together to ensure that the body can safely receive blue light and ultraviolet rays, which are high energy source wavelengths. 


However, blue light, which is the dominant wavelength of artificial light, does not harmonize with other light, but is distorted and affects the body, which has a very harmful long-term effect on the body, as we learned in How Blue Light Affects Sleep .




Not seeing sunlight, which is the full range of wavelengths of light, or rather avoiding it and insisting on living indoors, is It's like living on only processed foods.


If we compare it to a cell phone, 


Living in artificial light means charging your phone with a broken charger that carries less current,


Sunlight is what delivers energy to your body through a fast charger.




Nothing in this world can exist without energy .


Starting with animals, all living things, including food, light, cell phones, light bulbs, cars, computers, and houses, all occur through energy exchange. 


That's why we need to charge our phones and put gas in our cars.




And the most essential energy carrier for all living things is sunlight!

Healthy and energetic world-class athletes all understand the power of sunlight and maintain optimal health and condition with the rather simple practice of sunbathing.



These reasonable arguments alone are enough to provide a clear reason why you should receive sunlight, but we looked into a more logical reason why you should receive sunlight through the effects of each wavelength range mentioned above.




Now is the time to go outside and see the sunshine. 


healthy life,


Start again with sunshine!



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