Haaland Black Night Lenses
Haaland Black Night Lenses
Haaland Black Night Lenses
Haaland Black Night Lenses
Haaland Black Night Lenses
Haaland Black Night Lenses
Haaland Black Night Lenses
Haaland Black Night Lenses

Haaland Black Night Lenses

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Haaland's classic annel-type base and diamond keyhole bridge create a classic and sexy mood, and adds top-notch celluloid fibers to give it a light and flexible fit.

Design: A classic round design with a luxurious black color.

Core Features: 100% Blocking Artificial Blue Light & Green Light

Feature Description: Night lenses block out up to 100% of artificial blue and green light, which has been shown to disrupt sleep and circadian rhythms .

How to use: For a comfortable night's sleep , wear night lenses before going to bed to block all blue and green light that adversely affects melatonin (sleep hormone) secretion.

Lenses created through scientific technology and proprietary manufacturing methods provide high color clarity and solid blocking power .

Natural melanin pigment is mixed during the lens manufacturing process.

Even if there are scratches, the blocking rate remains the same , and the blocking power lasts longer than that of regular coated lenses.

Not all red is the same.

Cheap red glasses sold on the market may have side effects if the lenses are scratched. Learn more

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Protect your eyes and sleep from artificial light!

How does blue light have a fatal effect on sleep?

Blue light sends a signal to the body through the eyes to be awake,
Inhibits sleep hormone (melatonin).ᅠ

In particular, exposure to artificial blue light 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep
It can have devastating long-term effects on your body.

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Why are commercially available transparent blue light glasses ineffective?

In the cell phones and computers we commonly use
The wavelength range is approximately 440mm~460nm.

However, all transparent blue light blocking glasses sold on the market do not block wavelengths longer than 420 nm.

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Red night lenses are premium blue light blocking glasses.

Transparent blue light glasses sold commercially
Even 10% cannot be blocked.

Night lenses eliminate 100% of artificial blue light and green light.
Blocks blue light that cannot be felt with transparent glasses.
Provides the effect of sleeping glasses.

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Soccer player Elling Holland's body care secret

Erling Haaland knows the importance of getting a good night's sleep with these red premium blue light blocking glasses!

Lucid Eyes premium blue light blockers

Solo Hell 3 Lee Kwan-hee's red glasses

The red glasses worn by Lee Kwan-hee in Solo Hell are
This is the Lucid Eyes Night Lens .

Lucid eyes blocking performance test video

Unlike transparent blue light glasses sold on the market,
Night lenses completely block artificial blue light and green light.

Differentiated effects of night lenses!

Increased mitochondrial energy

Exposure to artificial light at night reduces vital energy and causes chronic fatigue. Night lenses help increase mitochondrial energy by blocking artificial light at night.

Circadian Rhythm Optimization

Circadian rhythm is our body's biological clock.
Exposure to blue light at night disrupts the biological clock, lowering immunity and suppressing growth hormone secretion. Night lenses are glasses that perfectly protect the circadian rhythm at night.

deep sleep and recovery

Artificial light at night suppresses melatonin secretion, causing insomnia and poor sleep quality. Night lenses completely block blue light to facilitate melatonin secretion, naturally promoting deep sleep and recovery.


Lucid Eyes Night Lenses are trusted by professional athletes!


Protect your eye health and sleep while adding style to your daily routine!