Lucid Eyes

The lenses provide solid blocking power and high color clarity through scientific technology and proprietary manufacturing methods. In general, most domestic and foreign manufacturing methods coat the outside of ordinary transparent lenses with artificial pigments.

Lucid Eyes mixes natural melanin pigment during the lens manufacturing process. Even if there are scratches, the blocking rate is the same. The blocking power lasts longer than that of regular coated lenses.

Natural melanin pigment is a pigment that mimics the human body's melanin, which allows for clearer and more stable vision. Artificial blocking pigments may make you feel dizzy when worn for a long time due to their poor blocking power and weak durability.

Low-priced products on the market are made with a color coating rather than a pigment blend into the lens. Because of this, not only is the blocking effect minimal, but there can be fatal side effects if the lens is scratched.

The frame is made using the highest quality acetate, celluloid, and TR raw materials, and the premium frame line is handmade by hand molding the Lloyd material. It was produced through many processes to ensure various detailed design elements and comfort when in contact with the skin. By utilizing the pros and cons of each material, we created products with design appeal as the top priority. By combining special lenses and the highest quality frame materials, you can feel the charm that can only be felt at Lucid Eyes.

Country of manufacture: China