Lucid Eyes

Day and night lenses are intended for indoor use.

AM PM (6am-7pm)
When using electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones indoors, wear day lenses .

It is also advisable to wear it indoors when under a white light and to carry on your daily life.


Evening (7pm-6am)
Ideally, you should wear and not take off your night lenses after sunset until you go to bed, but this may not be a practice for everyone.

The practical way to maximize the effect is to

One to two hours before going to bed, all preparations for bed, such as eating, showering, washing face, and brushing teeth, are done, and after that, do not take off your glasses until you go to sleep.


Even brief exposure to light in small amounts adversely affects melatonin secretion.

Because light is non-linear, and above all else, it plays a role in delivering information to the human body.

You should focus on using your glasses wisely rather than working hard !