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CLIP (NIGHT LENSES) is a product made for those who have purchased the clip set product.
After purchasing the clip product, you can purchase additional day & night clip products for efficient use.

Core function: 100% blocking artificial blue light & green light

Description of function: It blocks 100% of artificial blue light and green light that adversely affect sleep , and promotes the secretion of sleep hormone (melatonin), enabling deep sleep and recovery.

How to use:
1. Wear for 2 hours before going to bed.
2. It is important not to take it off until right before going to bed.
3. Wear it at night in front of artificial light such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, and fluorescent lights.

Frame Material: Premium Acetate

Lens Material: High Quality CR-39 (Natural Melanin Pigment Injected)

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Protect your eyes and sleep from artificial light!

How does blue light have a fatal effect on sleep?

Blue light signals to the body through the eyes that it needs to be awake, suppressing the sleep hormone (melatonin).ᅠ

In particular, exposure to artificial blue light 1-2 hours before bedtime can have a fatal effect on the body in the long term.

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Why are commercially available transparent blue light glasses ineffective?

The wavelength range from cell phones and computers that we commonly use is approximately 440mm to 460nm.

However, all transparent blue light blocking glasses on the market do not block wavelengths above 420 nm.

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Add style to your everyday life while protecting your health!

Protect your eyes and body from artificial light in a modern society living with smartphones, laptops and artificial lighting.

Choose a frame that suits you and add style to your everyday life.

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Soccer player Elling Holland's body care secret

Through red night lenses, Erling Haaland knows the importance of deep sleep!


Lucid Eyes is highly trusted by professional athletes!


Add style to your everyday life while protecting eye health and sleep!