The essence of health, circadian rhythm

All functions in our body do not occur without reason.


All functions are constantly changing and require timely interaction to function properly.


The most important change in the environment is the regular shift between light and dark.



Therefore, the body follows these changes and has developed a cycle that temporalizes the body's functions so that we can survive and function in various environments.

This cycle is called “circadian rhythm.”


In Latin, circadian rhythm means “about a day.”




Circadian rhythms control processes critical to the body's production of serotonin , dopamine , growth hormone , testosterone , and all other hormones essential for health and athletic performance .


Above all, it is responsible for the production of melatonin, which is essential for the body's sleep quality , damage control , and recovery ability after strenuous exercise .


For billions of years, the Sun has been the only light source capable of stimulating our circadian rhythms.




Before I learned about circadian rhythm,

The light bulb was invented to allow people to work more hours.

Over time, artificial light has evolved to help the human body feel more awake and alert in the evening by adding wavelengths of blue light , a component of white light that affects circadian rhythms.


As humans began to be exposed to more and more blue light, this began to affect circadian rhythms.

Exposure to blue light wavelengths at night has a negative effect on melatonin secretion.


This prevents us from falling asleep, makes us more tired and have less energy during the day, and promotes aging.


The most fatal thing of all is,

heart disease,




autoimmune disease,


The risk of common modern chronic diseases such as!



And it all starts with disrupting the rhythms that govern our lives.


With research showing the dangers of exposure to artificial light, we have two options.


1. Escape into the wild and give up the convenience and stability of the modern lifestyle for which our ancestors worked so hard .


2.Use this knowledge intelligently to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm in modern society .





So how can we achieve these circadian rhythm-friendly practices?

1. Just like our ancestors did, wake up at sunrise and make it a priority to go outdoors and receive sunlight.


If possible, watch the sun rise in person. By starting your day with this natural, beneficial light, you can get your circadian rhythm right and get one step closer to optimal health and energy.


2. Spend as much time as possible outdoors during the day.


By exposing your eyes and body to the full spectrum of solar rays, which are essential for the circadian rhythm, whether in the shade or in direct sunlight , you provide your body with a variety of biological virtuous cycle processes. For people in occupations where this practice is not easy, sitting next to an open window can be a good alternative.


Closed windows filter out much of the red, infrared and near infrared wavelengths , which are the most healing rays of sunlight, and serve to balance the high-energy blue and ultraviolet wavelengths.


In other words, receiving sunlight through a closed window is a distorted ray that deviates from the full spectrum of sunlight, so it is difficult to expect the desired effect and, in fact, has a harmful effect.



Therefore, when we must be indoors during the day ,


You need day lens glasses to maintain proper hormonal function from artificial lights and LED fluorescent lights, which put stress on your body and cause great harm to your health in the long run.





When night falls and the sun sets,

By wearing night lenses to match the circadian rhythm with the rhythm of nature,


You need to protect your sleep by minimizing exposure to the harmful blue light produced by all modern lighting, especially screen devices.

Day lenses block 95% of artificial blue light .

Night lenses block 100% of artificial blue light and green light .

So the natural next question is, “Why Lucid Eyes glasses and not products from other cheaper brands ?” It will be.


The reason is,

Most blue light glasses on the market do not sufficiently block the most harmful wavelengths of light.


In particular, glasses with transparent lenses see the word “blue light” as a marketing goal, but it is difficult to expect any real effect.



Blue light contains a wide wavelength of approximately 400 to 500 nanometers (nm).


All blue light at this wavelength is not from a full spectrum light source like the sun.

Or when it comes from artificial light, it has been proven to be detrimental to circadian rhythm and health.



Most companies producing “blue light” blocking glasses on the market,


We do not change the color of the lenses because we believe customers will not want to wear colored lenses .


However, when a lens is clear, it means that the visible rays passing through it do not change.




Most “blue light” lenses in Korea are completely transparent lenses with only a shiny blue anti-reflective coating .



These lenses can generally block blue light up to 420nm, but

It does not block up to 460nm, the most harmful range emitted by modern lighting and screen devices.

Studies have shown that blocking light below the range between 400 and 470 nm:


Because optimal health is not an acceptable compromise,


The effectiveness of transparent blue light glasses is unfortunately insufficient!


“A half truth leads to a complete lie”
-Benjamin Franklin



If you begin to deeply understand the principles of sunlight and nature,


Break down the effects of something,


You may realize that the illusion that you can artificially imitate nature usually leads to bigger problems.


Lucid Eyes does not provide you with distorted information,


Through a complete solution,


We will do our best to help you regain optimal health.

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