How to set up a circadian rhythm correctly

How can I get the circadian rhythm right?

As you learned in ( What is Circadian Rhythm? ), your body likes regular patterns.




The habit of seeing sunlight right after waking up is essential for circadian rhythms.

It signals morning to every cell in your brain and body, and stimulates the release of several essential hormones to keep your body functioning properly.


Furthermore, waking up with the sunrise and watching the sun rise directly for 10 to 20 minutes is,

As shown in Efficacy of sunlight , this is when the infrared wavelength is the highest,


dopamine stimulation,


relieve inflammation,


secretion of serotonin,


EZ water generation,

(EZ water: water that exists in cells, which is a power plant for millions of cells

source of energy that mitochondria need to generate energy)


Through the back, it provides a tremendous virtuous cycle to the human body.



Starting the day with a low-intensity, high -infrared sunrise sunrise can be one of the most important habits for your long-term health.



By spending as much time as possible outdoors in the morning and afternoon , getting full-spectrum light from natural light, you can get closer to a healthy life and keep your circadian rhythm right.




As the sun begins to set, watching the sunset signal your body that night is approaching is a very effective way to get your circadian rhythm right.




These trivial habits are the most effective healing methods to overcome modern diseases such as chronic fatigue , immune disorders , insomnia , and poor sleep quality .



When the sun goes down and night falls, the darker the light environment, the better. For thousands of years, light was the only light source humans could use at night.




After that, with the invention of light bulbs and smart devices , society has gradually become difficult to spend a dark night.




Dark nights are essential for circadian rhythms.

The essence of circadian rhythm is a regular change between light and dark, and artificial light in the evening is the biggest cause of harming this rhythm!


But in the modern way of life, it's not easy to have a long night .

There is no place without electric lights and LED bulbs right now, and it is because you cannot not use your cell phone and computer.



So, is there a realistic way to keep the circadian rhythm from the conveniences of modern life while maintaining the effectiveness of darkness ?


It is possible through Lucid Eyes' premium blue light blocking glasses!



The yellow day lenses block 95% of excessive blue light emitted from indoor artificial light during the day and keep the circadian rhythm in place.

Indoor artificial light is excessively high in blue light, which prevents the circadian rhythm from getting right!


Red Night Lenses protect your body from harmful artificial blue light at night, so you can avoid insomnia, sleep deeply, and optimize your circadian rhythm!

Night lenses block the entire range of blue light and green light, from 400nm to 550nm, which have been proven to have an adverse effect on sleep hormone (melatonin) .


The night lens boasts 0% blue light transmittance that cannot be followed by any other transparent blue light blocking glasses on the market !




Lucid Eyes protects the circadian rhythm by respecting the rhythm of nature while maintaining the convenience of modern life, helping you escape from insomnia and chronic fatigue ,


We will be with you to live a healthy life!

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