Blue light fatal to children


How does blue light affect children?


We live in a very bright world. Light bulbs illuminate us, televisions constantly emit bright light, and smartphones in one hand are always with us.


Blue light is in fact essential to the body and is part of the entire range of color wavelengths emitted by the sun.

It also plays a role in activating many functions in the human body and brain!

But the problem is not the blue light from sunlight,


Did you know that blue light from artificial light made for convenience has a fatal effect on the brain and body of developing children?



Computers, mobile phones and tablets have all become part of everyday life for children these days.

How does this affect children's health in the short/long term?


  • short term problem
  1. poor sleep quality
  2. aggressive attitude
  3. eyestrain
  4. chronic headache


  • long term problem
  1. immune disease
  2. chronic fatigue
  3. increased risk of diabetes
  4. Increased cancer prevalence



We compared how artificial light affects suppression of the sleep hormone (melatonin) at night in elementary school students and adults.


As a result , it was confirmed that children were more than twice as highly inhibited and more sensitive to light than adults !




How does blue light affect you?

Mitochondria are the engine cells of the human body and are the cells that play the most key role in generating the energy necessary for living.

Hundreds of millions of mitochondria in the cells of the body are often restored through deep sleep caused by smooth melatonin secretion.

The sleep hormone (melatonin) is secreted when the sun goes down and it gets dark.

Kids these days are exposed to bright light in the evenings from light bulbs and screen devices, signaling to their brains that it's still daytime.


According to a study by Dr. Douglas Wallace, a world-renowned specialist in mitochondrial medicine,




Auto Immune Disease



Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)


It has been revealed that all modern chronic diseases start from mitochondrial dysfunction! (source)


Therefore, in order to maintain children's deep sleep and correct circadian rhythm,

Protection from blue light is essential for long-term growth and health!


Ideally, avoid all artificial light exposure from after dark until bedtime.

However, in modern lifestyles, it is difficult to live without all light in the evening.

You need to protect your eyes and body with Lucid Eyes Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses.


If you need to use a screen device during the day at school or through online learning,

Lucid Eyes Day Lenses protect your eyes and body from harmful indoor light.

Day lenses are designed to block 95% of blue light while still allowing transmission of the right amount of blue light needed to keep the circadian rhythm in place.

If you are always exposed to indoor lighting at night and frequently use smart devices,

Lucid Eyes Night Lens protects the body from blue and green light that affect sleep.

Night lenses block the entire range of blue and green light, and are designed to greatly help with deep sleep and recovery.



Day Lenses & Night Lenses developed lenses infused with exclusive natural melanin pigment based on scientific evidence to block the most harmful range of blue light while providing comfort to the eyes.

These two lenses can effectively protect the circadian rhythm,

It promotes the secretion of sleep hormone (melatonin) to help smooth secretion of growth hormone and other essential hormones.


This allows children to have a very deep sleep and restful sleep.

Healthy life for children, Lucid Eyes will be with you!

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