I want to live a pain-free life


This is Yang Joo-hoon, CEO of Lucid Eyes.


Today, I would like to briefly talk about the things I experienced as a soccer player, the story of a time when there was no pain, and the process of overcoming it.



The saying that athletes are always energetic and healthy did not apply to me.


From a young age, they catch colds more easily than other children, live with enteritis, have always had uncomfortable sleeping due to rhinitis, and are weak to the cold.

Overall, I had a childhood that could be described as having a weak constitution. 



Nevertheless, with his will to play soccer and dreaming of becoming a soccer player, he played for over 15 years.


In fact, I started having more health problems in my 20s than when I was really young.

Chronic fatigue made it impossible for me to feel refreshed no matter how much I slept, and I always suffered from headaches and yawning in the afternoon.


One time, before my first professional team test, I came down with a bad flu that left me in pain for over three months.

I still remember crying bitterly in front of the hospital after hearing the doctor’s opinion that “I don’t think my body is suitable for exercise.”


Above all, injuries, which are the biggest enemy of athletes, bothered me more than other athletes. 

I broke my foot during the pro team test, which I prepared with all my clenched teeth, before signing a contract, and after checking the X-ray at the hospital, I sobbed and thought, “I can’t do this.” It still breaks my heart.




In addition, there are countless large and small injuries and health problems,

I didn't have the mental space to think like this at the time, but now that I look back,

It became the foundation for the valuable lessons and wisdom I gained after countless trials and errors. 




Looking back, it seems like I went through a ridiculous number of steps to heal and solve my problems.

Along with the memories of receiving an IV drip three times a day, I took countless medications such as antibiotics, headache medicine, Tylenol, etc., I took nutritional supplements, and sunscreen and sunglasses were always with me. I have invested a lot of money in my health to the point that there is no herbal medicine that I have not tried, such as red ginseng, deer antler, and ginseng.



This was effective in temporarily relieving symptoms. However, most drugs are resistant and have long-term adverse effects.


Through this, I learned that I need to find the cause and solve it, not the symptom .



Symptom Root Cause


It was only after realizing that “no medical prescriptions or treatment methods can solve the cause of the problem” that I began to deeply study what health is.


Through self-study, which began with such earnestness, I learned about the human body's engine cell mitochondria .


We learned that mitochondria are the most essential cells for survival and vitality, generating energy for the proper functioning of all life on Earth.


And the thing that has the greatest impact on mitochondria is light .




To easily understand mitochondria, think of a car.


Food is fuel, and mitochondria are the engine.


What's more important?


No matter how good gasoline and fuel you use, if the engine breaks down, The car cannot run straight.



Likewise, I came to a great realization when I learned that if mitochondrial function deteriorates, no matter how good the food you eat or what medications you take, the root cause will not be resolved.


Only when mitochondria, the engine of the body, are healthy can we solve the root cause of all diseases.


So how can mitochondria be optimized?


I have learned that these two practical practices are most effective for optimizing your mitochondria.


as soon as,


Sunbathing, receiving direct sunlight on the eyes and skin,



And it's a long night.



After learning about the effectiveness and power of sunlight and, more importantly, how being with nature can solve the root cause of health, I started practicing sunbathing every day. 

It wasn't difficult to sunbathe through the sunlight. All you had to do was simply go outside and take off your clothes.




However, I can confidently say that through this simple practice, I have changed my life.


First, I began to feel a noticeable improvement in my immunity and vitality. 


Colds and immune problems completely disappeared, chronic fatigue gave way to heightened focus, and lethargy during the day began to transform into energetic times.


And the frequency of injuries, which had been my biggest challenge so far, has decreased dramatically. 

Sunlight is closely related to motor function, muscle and bone recovery, and injury, and I am a first-hand witness to the benefits.



Above all, I felt a huge change in my vitality, which is essential for living life.


Sunlight, which increases stamina, vitality, activity, recovery, and driving force, is an essential requirement for the human body and a true natural nourishing tonic .


These sunlight-friendly habits were easy to implement without paying anything.




The second essential requirement for mitochondrial optimization, getting a good night's sleep , was not as easy to achieve as you might think.


Our modern lifestyle means we are constantly exposed to artificial light at night through light bulbs, LED lights, computers, and cell phones.



How can I realistically receive the effect of dark night under these conditions? After much thought and research, the specific wavelength range of light,

We have learned that high-energy blue light has a more detrimental effect on mitochondrial function and depth of sleep than other colors of light.
What is blue light?


I was surprised to learn that artificial light exposure at night, which I had never even thought about, was having a negative impact on my sleep, recovery, circadian rhythm, and mitochondrial function every day. What is circadian rhythm?


I also learned that I need glasses that block blue light at night, not filter it out. Why Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are Inadequate


Through this experience, I found and purchased yellow and red blue light blocking glasses that help with sleep through an overseas online store.

A tremendous change has come.


I was relieved of insomnia, began to experience deep sleep, and began to wake up feeling refreshed. 


My body's recovery speed and performance on the competition field naturally improved, and my influence and productivity in all aspects of my life increased and improved.




Improving sleep quality is when the biggest biological changes occur in the body. 


In terms of health, this is the most important requirement that cannot be expressed in words.


Through these two practical practices, I was able to resolve the cause of the health and injury issues that had been bothering me so much.


However, there was one more problem.


Glasses are worn on the face, and there is no overseas product that is both externally attractive and blocks blue light in the appropriate wavelength range.


In addition, since only transparent blue light glasses were sold in Korea, we already knew that the true effect could not be seen.


So, after much thought, I created and wore my own glasses with my co-CEO Lee Young-seok , who has deep experience in exercise and health, and who is closest to me, and founded a brand called Lucid Eyes with the motivation to provide the mentioned effects to many people in Korea. I did it.





Lucid Eyes focuses on addressing the root causes of health.


While not seeking a popular compromise when it comes to lens performance,


We've created it to add style to your look through top-notch, attractive frames. 


The baseline was clear.


I pursued perfection in health and performance,


CEO Lee Young-seok, who has experience running a successful shopping mall and places great importance on external appeal, did not compromise on the harmony of frames and lenses and overall style.




With these capabilities, we humbly pride ourselves on being the only eyewear brand in Korea that can provide true health solutions while also being externally attractive.



I personally agree with the saying , “Knowledge comes from books, and wisdom comes from nature.”

And isn't nature here an implied expression of the process of overcoming experience, failure, and adversity and finding answers?




“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with the problem anymore”

“It’s not that I’m very smart, I just stay with the problem longer.”

- Albert Einstein



CEO Youngseok Lee and I believe that the attitude of digging in to the end to solve a problem is the most essential virtue in life and management.


Just as I can provide you with the answer to resolve the true cause through the numerous trials and errors I have experienced so far,

In the future, we will not lose our attitude of digging in to the end so that we can reach you with better solutions and truthful information.



Experience a new life with Lucid Eyes.


thank you

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