The only way to speed up jet lag

Athletes of all sports, regardless of sport, travel abroad for important events such as field training, competitions, competitions, and tests, where jet lag adjustment is inevitable.



And most of this is done under stressful circumstances. 


Departure/return for national competition during the season,

Tests made through abrupt notifications, 

Preparation for competitions that do not have much preparation period, etc.


The time lag adaptation that inevitably follows when athletes demonstrate their abilities through movement between countries is,


It is often a factor that has a big impact on performance and recovery.


Many players try to overcome jet lag by thinking that time will solve it, or through ineffective methods such as staying up all night.


However, there is only one way to speed up jet lag adaptation.


It is possible through sunlight and Lucid Eyes' glasses!


'Time' is a concept for recognizing changes in objects measured through the intensity, period and position of the sun. 




In other words, time flows according to periodic changes in the sun, and the body's biological clock regulates the rhythm of waking and falling asleep according to these changes.


However, the need for jet lag adaptation through movement between countries means that the circadian rhythm , the biological clock, is broken. What is a circadian rhythm?


Therefore, in times of jet lag, the body needs to find rhythm again through sunlight so that it can go through the correct hormone secretion and recovery process.


The intensity of blue light from sunlight sends signals to our body, such as what time it is, what country we are in, and so on . It affects all mitochondrial functions and hormone secretion.

-Dr Jack Kruse


Getting as much morning sunlight through the eyes and skin as possible from the arriving authorities is,


straighten the circadian rhythm, It maximizes the secretion of melatonin to help you fall asleep deeply at night.




Melatonin is the most important hormone for your body to recover after sleep and strenuous exercise.


Also, jet lag is when you need night lenses (red glasses) more than ever!


Lucid Eyes' night lenses are the only glasses released in Korea that block 100% of artificial blue light that has a fatal effect on recovery, regeneration and sleep.

Effects of blue light on sleep


The dark night is the most essential requirement for deep recovery in the body through the circadian rhythm.


However, artificial lighting and blue light from cell phones interfere with this and have a detrimental effect on players' recovery.


Night lenses block 100% of the full range of artificial blue and green light that has been proven to adversely affect sleep .


Blue light is the biggest and least known factor that disrupts circadian rhythm and sleep.


Prolonged exposure to artificial blue light before bedtime has long-term devastating effects, so getting a deep sleep and recovery through night lenses is essential not only for jet lag, but as a general lifestyle.


Erling Haaland already knows the power of sunlight and the importance of wearing night lenses at night.



To summarize,


During the jet lag adjustment period, the arriving authorities receive as much morning sunlight as possible,


Prioritize outdoor exposure to natural light as much as possible during the day.


At night, with Lucid Eyes Night Lenses, you can protect your sleep and recovery from artificial blue light!




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