Artificial light accelerates aging

What is the biggest cause of aging?


The biggest cause of accelerated aging is the collapse of the circadian rhythm!


The circadian rhythm, a biological clock, refers to all the changes that occur periodically in our body in line with the change of day and night in a 24-hour cycle. What is Circadian Rhythm?


When the circadian rhythm collapses,

Smooth hormone secretion is not made, so aging comes quickly in the long term.



So, how can we prevent rapid aging?


It's about minimizing artificial light at night.


Artificial light at night suppresses the sleep/regeneration hormone melatonin,

It has a devastating effect on deep sleep and recovery, and is a major disruptor to the circadian rhythm.




But in the modern way of life, living without electronic gadgets is not easy.


That's what modern people need Lucid Eyes Night Lenses for!



Night lenses for sleep glasses block 100% of harmful artificial light, thereby reducing sleep/regeneration hormones and

Helps the smooth secretion of growth hormone,

These are very effective glasses that can prevent rapid aging.


For more details, check out How to Get Your Circadian Rhythm Right !


Through the night lens, straighten the circadian rhythm,

Avoid accelerated aging with deep sleep and experience a youthful and energetic life!

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